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Heming Jewellers – Leading the way with LED

Posted on 16th October 2012

We have recently finished another exciting new project, this time lighting the exclusive Heming Jewellery shop in Hatton Garden. Heming are one of London’s oldest Jewellery makers, dating back to 1745 and have been synonymous with creating the finest pieces of jewellery for London’s elite, including royalty.

Heming representatives consulted with us at The Light Corporation to create a contemporary lighting scheme for this brand new shop that would illuminate the beautifully crafted products on display for customers to admire. But what immediately sets this project apart from many other shops of this nature is that we have designed the lighting scheme to be lit purely by LED’s.

We consulted the client who required exceptional attention to detail in this scheme but also demanded that the lighting was as efficient and low-maintenance as could possibly be. With our current range of dedicated LED products, this came naturally to us.

Products that were used on this project include our flagship TyrelLED downlight, our premium downlight in the range called the TyrelLED ‘X’ and small-sized SunbeamĀ LED Mini downlights. In the solid wood floors around the shop floor, we installed our Cockle uplights for attractive uplighting effects, whilst in the wall displays we used LED strip lighting for uniform but flexible linear lighting.

We also supplied two special bespoke products for the central cabinets in the shop both bearing a resemblance to our standard Midi Heritage. This time though, we designed the head of the fitting to be placed on a flexible arm as well as a small mounted spotlight arrangement. This gives the client a much wider range of adjust-ability when changing the display around.

All of these products help to show Heming’s beautiful jewellery bathed in a rich and warm light from class leading LED lighting that is designed, developed and hand-manufactured by our craftspeople here at the Light Corporation.