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Colour matching LED’s the TLC way…

Posted on 14th November 2012

Over the past year, we have been developing a large percentage of our LED products to use LED’s from a single bin source.

What are the benefits to single binning LED’s you might ask?

Well, in short the use of single binning LED’s allows the colour temperature of the product they are used in to be near-perfectly matched. This means much greater consistency in the output the product provides and therefore less need to replace a faulty product because of poor LED colour matching. Many LED’s tend to be selected from a number of different bins (bin coding is a method of describing the specifications of an LED). This selection process can mean varying degrees of a supposed ‘warm white’ output from the LED when it is lit (explaining the pink, blue or green tinge that you might see from some LED light sources).

We are  now proud to mention that fact that the vast majority of our LED range of products now use warm white LED’s from a single 2700k bin, providing you (our customer) with piece of mind when ordering from us that the LED output will be of the highest quality of halogen-equivalent warm white light every time.

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