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The Light Corporation completes a prestigious lighting project for Robinson Pelham Jewellers in South Kensington

Posted on 30th January 2013

The Light Corporation has been involved in many projects worthy of heightened status over the years, but few come with the accolade of being connected by Royal appointment with the House of Windsor. The client on this occasion was Robinson Pelham; a fine jewellery specialist established for the last 16 years and renowned as makers of Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Cambridge’s jewellery for her wedding day on Friday 29th April 2011.

Robinson Pelham contacted The Light Corporation with a view to design and supply the lighting scheme for their contemporary flagship store in Elystan Street in South Kensington. The new store is in good company at this new location, sharing illustrious retail space alongside exclusive brand names Stella McCartney, Joseph as well as the restaurant belonging to the highly rated chef Tom Aikens.

The partners behind Robinson Pelham allowed The Light Corporation full license to create a lighting scheme for the store, with the only request being to highlight the subtle nuances within the jewellery and allowing each hand-crafted work of art to take centre stage. This approach allowed lighting designers at The Light Corporation the perfect opportunity to fully utilise the creative flair that is so synonymous with the TLC ethos. Careful consideration was also paid to ensure that the scheme was lit with LED’s only, helping to increase energy efficiency.

One of the most striking features of the store is the individual ‘cube’ displays, each housing a selection of jewellery lit by miniature flexible LED spotlights especially designed for this project. Each cube uses one warm and one cool LED to maximise the colour tones of each precious item, adding to their limitless appeal.

A wide range of standard light fittings hand built in the UK by The Light Corporation were also incorporated into the scheme including Tyrell and Eldon downlights, low level Ouch LED wall lights and Sunbeam LED Mini accent lights mounted into the top of each jewellery cabinet.

Ceiling cavities around the centre of the store have been illuminated by flexible LED strip lighting, reducing the need for ceiling mounted downlights and providing an interesting feature for numerous light-dimming options from the Helvar control system installed within the scheme.

Each product supplied by The Light Corporation has a small but important part to play in the layout of the store, and when combined they add texture and warmth to the space, making customers feel welcomed and ultimately showcasing the beautiful objet d’art on display.

As their first retail space, Robinson Pelham know that the importance of creating a uniquely welcoming environment for their customers cannot be underestimated. Only a lighting scheme provided by The Light Corporation could work in such harmony with Robinson Pelham’s new venture, showing how these two companies combine their own beautifully manufactured  bespoke products into one emporium dedicated to sumptuous elegance that is sure to last for years to come.